Shipping and returns


The products that are available for purchase are legally produced in the European Union. When ordering from abroad always check the applicable legislation in your country before ordering. It’s impossible for us to have full knowledge of all (changing) rules and legislation regarding our products in other countries. Therefore, the full responsibility of purchasing these products lies with the customer. Before ordering it is the responsibility of the customer to make sure that the purchased products can be legally imported in the country that the products are shipped to.

Underneath you’ll find the estimated delivery times*
3-6 working days: Germany, Belgium, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Norway
4-6 days: Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia
4-7 working days: Greece, Romania, Bulgaria
6+ days: Turkey, USA, Canada

*These delivery times are merely estimates, no rights can be derived from it.


Products can be returned when the package is unopened/sealed. Upon receipt you will receive a full refund of the purchase price. Please refer to our Complaints and Returns section for more information.

If you are dissatisfied with your product for whatever reason, please get in touch with us or the store in which you purchased your product. We kindly ask you to follow the procedure underneath for complaints and returns.

You have purchased your product online
When you purchased your product in our web shop, you can contact us directly by sending an email to In your e-mail, please clearly state the complaint you have about the product, a photo of the product (if it’s a visible problem), your name and your order number. We will process your email as quickly as possible.

You have purchased a product from us at a retail store
We kindly ask you not contact us directly, but contact the store where you bought your product instead. For most products we ask you to bring the original packaging and receipt to verify that the product actually came from us. The retail store will be taking care of your complaint and will consult us if necessary.

We may ask you to return your product to us. In this case, please send your product to the address underneath. Note: always contact us first at before returning your product.

Gontinic BV
Noorddijk 3
2391 CE Hazerswoude Dorp

Should you have any questions about our policy for complaints and returns, please do not hesitate to contact us at