About Procare


Until 2014 we sold CBD oil from a third party. When they were no longer able to deliver, we initially started looking for a new party to partner up with. To make sure that our customers would receive a product of consistent quality, we had different CBD oils tested in an analytical laboratory. The results of these analyzes were disappointing. The variations in (CBD) concentrations found in these products were simply unacceptable to us. This is when we decided to take matters into our own hands. From then on, our goal was to gain as much control over the production process as possible.


Now, just a few years later, we have been able to make our ambitions a reality. As a co-owner of the Union Verde nursery in Spain, we have gained full control over the production process of our CBD product range. In addition, we have invested heavily in our own analytical laboratory, so that we can also perform the much-needed quality controls ourselves. This combination of increased control over the production process and the establishment of our own laboratory means that we can both keep costs down and guarantee consistent quality.


Our mission

We want to be a reliable partner for everyone who cares about their health and that of others. Whether it’s about being healthy and staying healthy, to remedy a bothersome ailment or to find relieve from an incurable disease. We believe that this goal is only achievable with safe products of high and consistent quality. We therefore focus on sustainable production, thorough quality control and transparency regarding this entire process. Ultimately, we believe that a fitting CBD product should be accessible and affordable for everyone. Every next step we take as a company is aimed at making this ambition a reality.


At Procare we find it essential to stay up-to-date on the latest knowledge with regard to CBD. Therefore, we keep a close eye on scientific research and we regularly frequent trade fairs. We are also working closely with the department of Plant Sciences & Natural Products of Leiden University to gather new knowledge, improve existing products, make them safer and ensure that our products do not contain ingredients that don’t belong in food supplements and health products.


We are convinced that listening is the best way to keep our expertise up-to-date and to continue to offer our customers the perfect product. We listen to the experts from the university, to the therapists we meet at trade fairs, but also to the customers who email us with their experiences or call us with their questions.



We believe that transparency is essential, especially in this market, where it’s often hard for customers to distinguish quality products from the rest. By performing analyzes in our specialized laboratory, we offer a solution to this problem. By using the most advanced equipment we can guarantee very precise lab reports, which are available on our website for all our customers. To be even more specific (and a little technical): we use HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) to determine the exact concentrations of a whole spectrum of cannabinoids (including CBD).


Every batch of products that we produce is tested in our specialized laboratory. The results of these analyzes each get their own lab report. Using the so-called batch code you can find this lab report on our website. All CBD oils that you purchase from us have this batch code, which you can find on the packaging.

Dosing syringe

As a dosing system for our CBD oil we have switched from the traditional “dropper” to a handy dosing syringe. When we compare both, the dosing syringe has several important advantages:

Faster and more precise

The syringe is easier to fill with the correct dose at once. After that it can easily be emptied under the tongue, also in one go.


A common problem with the old dropper is that the rubber will start “sweating”. When this happens, the bottle as well as other items can become greasy, especially when the bottle is carried around in a bag or purse.

More economical

With the syringe there is no more loss of precious oil. With the old dropper it was difficult to get the last 15% of oil out from the bottle. With the dosing syringe it’s possible to completely empty the bottle.

Manual for using
the syringe

Use the table below as an indication of the number of milliliters that you take per dose (the values ​​are rounded).


Start by removing the cap (with child-resistant closure) from the bottle by pressing it and then twisting it off


Remove the tipcap from the syringe


Insert the syringe into the plastic valve that is in the opening of the bottle


Turn the bottle upside down with the syringe in it (the plastic valve won’t leak)


Carefully pull the white part of the syringe to fill it up with the desired dose (see the table underneath for more information on dosing)


Remove the syringe from the bottle and empty the syringe under the tongue


Keep the CBD oil under the tongue for about thirty seconds, so that it’s absorbed quickly


Use the table below as an indication of the number of milliliters that you take per dose (the values ​​are rounded).

% Percentage CBD
0,05 ml= 1 drop
0,15 ml = 3 drops
0,25 ml = 5 drops
0,5 ml = 10 drops
2,5%1,25 mg CBD3,5 mg CBD6 mg CBD12,5 mg CBD
5%2,5 mg CBD7 mg CBD12,5 mg CBD25 mg CBD
10%5 mg CBD15 mg CBD25 mg CBD50 mg CBD
20%10 mg CBD30 mg CBD50 mg CBD100 mg CBD