is CBD ?

CBD is one of the more than hundred cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids got their name because they were only found in cannabis plants at first. Later on it was discovered that cannabinoids also exist in other plants and even in the human body. Each cannabinoid has its own unique effects.

Most of our products contain multiple cannabinoids, of which CBD is the main one. You will not get high or stoned from our products, as these cannabinoids do not cause any intoxication. Industrial hemp is used in manufacturing our CBD products. Industrial hemp belongs to the cannabis family but barely contains any of the cannabinoid that causes intoxication. Therefore you can consume our CBD products and still do all the things you would normally do, like working, studying and partaking in traffic.


We believe that transparency is essential, especially in this market, where it’s often hard for customers to distinguish quality products from the rest.

By performing analyzes in our specialized laboratory, we offer a solution to this problem. By using the most advanced equipment we can guarantee very precise lab reports, which are available on our website for all our customers. To be even more specific (and a little technical): we use HPLC (High Performance Liquid Chromatography) to determine the exact concentrations of a whole spectrum of cannabinoids (including CBD).